The Future Is Solo Female Travel Mug
The Future Is Solo Female Travel Mug
The Future Is Solo Female Travel Mug

The Future Is Solo Female Travel Mug

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Our intention at The Lone Travel Girl is to empower women to feel pride in their choice to travel solo. And that also includes inspiring women who want to solo travel to try it.

We can see it now: a future where all women feel empowered to solo travel, no matter the thoughts and opinions of others who don't understand it. 

Cheers to a beautiful, bright looking future 🤩. 

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This mug is:

  • 11oz - perfect for a cup of coffee or tea (or wine 😉)
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe 
  • The best way to start your morning: basking in your solo travel pride



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12 days for shipping for the USA and Europe ✅ 
20 days for all other countries 💛


Our mission is to not only empower solo female travelers to feel pride in their solo travels, but to encourage other travel lovers to try it!

Share your story with other women by tagging  #thelonetravelgirl in your photos with our apparel.