our mission

Our mission is to celebrate all types of solo female travelers. 


Hi! 👋🏼  I'm Callie, founder of The Lone Travel Girl. 

The story of The Lone Travel Girl began when I quit my corporate job in 2017 and took my first solo trip across Europe and Asia.

During that time, I realized there was a whole world of women out there traveling solo. And I was fortunate enough to meet several of them and learn their stories of why they were doing it.

I became familiar with and inspired by this fantastic community. I found there were tons of travel pages sharing dreamy destinations on social media, bloggers talking about their solo travels, and platforms where travelers shared their tips and itineraries.

But something was missing. I thought to myself: 

Who is building these women up and celebrating their solo travels?

Where is the community creating strong relationships between these women? 

Who is creating items that shows off solo female travelers' pride for solo travel? 

 The truth was, nothing like this existed! And I decided to change that. 💪 

My mission is to celebrate, educate, and connect all types of solo female travelers. 

Whether you travel internationally full-time and work as a digital nomad, or you’re a stay-at-home mom who sometimes takes solo weekend trips… you should feel proud of your solo travel accomplishments and have a place to feel celebrated.


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So She Learns How Capable She Truly Is

Reports from solo female travelers show that traveling alone has increased their self-confidence, independence, and resourcefulness due to situations experienced outside of typical comfort zones at home.

We aim to keep a discussion open about how solo travel affects women in a positive way emotionally, mentally, and physically to squash the thought by some that women are not capable of traveling by themselves.

To Make Her Become The Master Of Her Own Destiny

Solo female travelers speak of becoming inspired to spend their lives differently after traveling alone: teaching abroad, living the digital nomad life, turning their travels into a career, and more.

When one travels alone, she may be able to better consider the things that are most important to her, leading her to these decisions.

Our goal is for a woman to believe she does not have to live within the confines of the box society has handed to her. If she decides on a "different" path and is happy and healthy, we say more power to her.

The World Isn't One Of Equality... Yet

Although our belief is that there are kind, willing to help people everywhere in the world, women are not seen as equal members of society in many places.

We sometimes talk about solo traveling in the context of being a woman because of this sad reality. Our goal is for women travelers to become knowledgeable about practical safety precautions to take anywhere in the world, and to also know that anywhere she travels, there will always be a helping hand from friendly locals if needed.